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Manufacturing and Research & Development Center, Navi Mumbai

1959 - Incorporated under the name Sharples Process Engineers (P) Ltd. with 100% shareholding of Sharples Corporation,USA.
1970 - Public Limited Company under the name Pennwalt Limited with 49% shareholding of Pennwalt Corporation,USA.
1974 - Collaboration agreement was entered into with Sharples Stokes Div., Pennwalt Corporation, USA for the manufacture of Super-D-Canter Centrifuge in India. Pennwalt India Ltd. received the manufacturing know how, application data, and technical test reports as part of the technology transfer from Pennwalt Corporation, U.S.A. and also from their wholly owned subsidiary Pennwalt Ltd., Camberley, Surrey, U.K.
1978 - Production of Super-D-Canter commenced at its modern manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai(New Bombay).
1979 - Established R&D Facility recognised by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Applications development is carried out to adapt Pennwalt products to the needs and demands of the Indian Chemical Industry. Also, process development is carried out to enable Pennwalt offer turn-key process plants centered around Company's separational equipment.
1980 - Imported and absorbed the technology of fabricating anti-corrosive fluoropolymer (PVDF, ECTFE) lining on M.S.Chemical process equipment, which is used in various industries (like Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharma & Dyes).
1987 -

Collaboration agreement with Wallace & Tiernan Division, Pennwalt Corporation, USA, for the manufacture, installation and commissioning of Chlorinators and related equipment for water treatment and allied applications.

Collaboration with M/S Bredel, Netherlands for the manufacture of Hose Pumps in India and for their supply and commissioning when imported from the Netherlands.

1988 - Imported and absorbed the technology of fabricating and applying anti-corrosive fluoropolymer (PVDF, ECTFE) lining on M.S.Chemical Process equipment, supported with technical assistance and supply of semi-finished products by M/s AGRU Kunststofftechnik, GmbH, Austria.
1990 - Pennwalt Corporation disinvested its 49% shareholding in Pennwalt India Limited. Commenced Halar powder coating and PVDF Dispersion coating on chemical processing equipment.
1991 - Pennwalt Ltd., further expanded its activities and formed the Food Division to cater for the growing Fruits & Vegetables Processing and Packing Industry.
2001 - Sheet Lining and Coating of Chemical Process Equipment with the full range of fluoropolymers viz. PVDF, Halar-ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA.
2008 - Pennwalt Ltd., entered into a joint venture with a leading French company, XEDA INTERNATIONAL, specialising in Pre-Harvest Handling, Post-Harvest Handling and Management of Fruits and Vegetables.


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